8mm Elvis 
The Forgotten Format 
The Book

By  Vince Wright

Long before the days of Blu ray, DVD, VHS, Betamax and Laser Disc, people watched home movies on 8mm film.


Introducing 8mm Elvis The Forgotten Format, a glossy, colour, hardback book cataloguing the history of Elvis on 8mm film. 


With extensive research, items from my own collection and contributions from collectors around the world, this exciting new book  is NOW  available.

So what is in it ?

This 150 plus page book  contains all the 8mm film artwork  available.

The Book

A Stourbridge Elvis fan’s dream comes true as I write and publish the Elvis Collector book I've been planning since the late 80s!

Film Collectors

“This is perfect for the film buff, the Elvis collector or just those curious about Elvis on 8mm film.” 

Artwork, Catalogues & More!

This book includes many colour photos of all the legal releases and imports as well as the underground world of the 70s bootlegs.

 There are interviews with those who worked in the industry and a whole lot of nostalgic marketing material from around the world, all of which makes this book perfect for any fan of Elvis or 8mm film. 

Also included is a foreword from Ged Jones of Derann Film Services.


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