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The Forgotten Format

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Elvis & 8mm Film   BIG NEWS



BIG NEWS Release date of the book January 2023 more news coming soon 

Hope you like the cover !!! 


As an Elvis fan and an 8mm fan I was always disappointed about the lack of info that was out there in the Elvis 8mm world. 

All that we had was a list here and there and the same old pics. Derann Red Fox Viacom Ken  we will bring the story to life

We need it all in one place .

 So It is nearly ready  We have the legal releases foreign issues adverts, catalogues from dealers 

Some much info coming in Thanks






Elvis derann cover super 8mm Film

Fan Filmed LIVE 8mm

The Forgotten format 8mm

Before this there was 8mm

We are now at the  lay out and cover design  stage - Who knew how much work is involved 

It's Still Here

More films more catalogues

 I have been so lucky putting this together  . I find it hard to stop and say that's it , but I have expanded  the original idea a bit so please be patient I am just tidying up loose ends and getting the art work approved 

Thanks for all your help in 2021

So much new stuff came to light and many I had only read about

 We have Standard 8mm releases as well as super 8 . We have mag and optical sound we have negs and so much more !

You Tube here we come!

We hope to keep you up todate with news on here so stay tuned

Also do you know of anyy elvis 8mm  copied on to You Tube  cut downs anything and I will put them all together Email  us your thoughts

 More Super 8 Elvis fun coming soon

Talking elvis podcast interviews Vince Wright

We are on a podcast

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Vince Wright guest on the Talking Elvis Podcast telling us why we need a book about Elvis Presley on super 8mm film

Take a listen as I guest on The Talking Elvis Podcast this week asking for more info


or on You Tube   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAW0RDUjzvI

All in One Book

Its fairly easy to start listing the "legal releases" of Elvis on 8mm.

Our aim is get it all in one place.

Girls girls girls elvis presley super 8mm film Ken

All the Artwork

By talking to collectors and the people who worked in  the 8mm industry,  we found just what we wanted.

elvids presley super 8mm film Ken Flyer

Catalogues & Flyers

I'm looking for more marketing material -  it's amazing what I have dug up so far.

Red Fox elvis presley Full page catalogue super 8mm film


We are always looking for more adverts and reviews from when the films were released . Have they stood the test of time?

Derann dereck simmonds  8mm elvis 8mm open day

8mm Memories

I was always at 8mm open days and conventions in the UK  - we would love more details from fairs around the world.

rare elvis 8mm film

Dealers Stories

Did you "release" Elvis 8mm or work in the labs? I want your stories !

Did you film Elvis in concert in the 70s. many did 8mm Elvis

Fan Footage

This is a huge story and probably too big a topic for this  edition. but let us see sales lists and so on as an introduction.

Better photos

Are your copies in a mint condition box?

I'd love  get a hold of some photos of mint condition packaging as some |I have are a bit bashed.

If you think you can help contact Vince  


Question of the day

Do you collect The Beatles on 8mm Super 8 film?

Through the research here I have come across many Beatles films in super 8mm and standard 8 . Any collectors out there  can tell me if there is any Elvis crossover  available 

I was thinking of the  Elvis Telegram on Ed Sullivan show or "4 Elvis'at a press conference"

Beatles Elvis 8mm Film
beatles and elvis presley 8mm fim home movie
silent 8mm beatles film